The Decision Pipeline

I’m finding a disconnect between the desired pace of change, and the time it actually takes to envision, plan, and put a vision into action.  The length of time it takes for a major shift in instruction to take place far outpaces the patience of the public and some leaders.  The implementation gap is a well documented aspect of the change process.  Unfortunately, most people ignore this phenomenon and expect to see immediate results.

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is a monumental shift in the way that we teach and learn. The foundation of these new changes is technology. Ubiquitous, inexpensive, online, collaborative, and adaptive technologies.

“Our 4th graders will need to type an entire page in one sitting! We need a typing program!”
“We need access to digital video content. We need a subscription!”
“We don’t have enough devices!”
I could go on.

While all of these things in and of themselves are not huge projects, they take time to do correctly. Furthermore, none of these decisions are made in a vacuum. The time it takes to make these decisions and purchases must compete with the everyday work of the tech and curriculum departments.

As a school or district leader, how do you manage the message of change? What are the ways we keep stakeholders (staff, board members, parents, students) informed about our progress?



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