The Grass is Always Greener

As a teacher, I remember thinking to myself,

“My principal just doesn’t get it.”

I would sometimes think that they were so far removed from the classroom that their decisions had no basis in reality.  Whether it was a new procedure we had to follow or the plans for a special schedule, I often felt like I had a better way of doing things. Then, I became a Principal. (While I am sure that the teachers on my site once in a while thought “What is he thinking?” that’s not what this post is about; they can write their own blog posts.) Again, I found myself thinking,

“What are they thinking? Don’t they get it?”

From directives regarding instruction or new forms that had to be completed and collected, the decisions of those above me once again were impacting my efficiency. I felt like things took forever to happen at the district level.

“What could they be doing up there that makes things take so long?”

The only difference was that I was now talking about district administrators.  Clearly, they had been off the school campus for so long and therefore had lost touch with the realities of the school site. I felt frustrated when people so far removed from the classroom were making decisions, seemingly without input from the people most affected by these decisions.

My, how the tables have turned.

I am now a district administrator, fielding around 200 emails and 25 phone calls a day. These emails and phone calls are asking when things will be done, when decisions will be made. Lo and behold, I’m asking myself,

“Don’t they get it?”

The only change for me is that I can no longer look upwards for someone on whom I can assign blame. As the Director of Instructional Technology, I have the heavy responsibility of making decisions that will affect hundreds of teachers and thousands of students. These are not decisions I make lightly. These are decisions that will have financial and practical implications. Some of the decisions I make- if made drastically wrong- could get me or the Superintendent fired. So, yeah, I take my time when making decisions.

“Don’t the get it?”




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